Monday, April 14, 2008

The Color of the Day Is...Lime Green!

You put the lime in the coconut and shake it all around...ha ha got you humming that one now, didn't I? :)

Sorry I've been away so long. I've been organizing my volunteer list, drawing pretty flowers and fairies, searching for long lost Macaws (long story) and taking pictures. It's been a nasty Spring so far this April...we woke to find snow on the ground this week! Where's my 80 degrees and tornado warnings?! Even that is better than SNOW!!

For every volunteer in this blog, I have a list of every color I see in their listings. Some are short, being silver and black and white...some have every color imaginable. To decide what a color is, and which color to choose, I have a very complex and time consuming method that involves formulas and collates, theorems and algebraic equations...Basically, I reach into my box of colored pencils and pull one out. :) And I have a box of 120...

So, without further adieu, in this weeks Lime Light are the following 5, that's FIVE, Etsy shops. Let's go take a look!

Now, you have got to check out this terrific Shea Butter Soap and the many other wonderful items in TheVagrantPoodle's shop:

And while your at it, check out this adorable kids knit hat from poisdoux's shop:

Go and take a look at this sweet ABC Box from joydevivredesign's shop:

Need a tote? Go and look at this adorable number in ChicBoutique's shop:

Now, I know this next one says Apple...but hey, this is my blog...I can call it lime if I want to :) Go check out this great skirt/top from sweetcharlotte's shop:

Now, I have been busy drawing an OSWOA size drawing for a work in progress demo to be part of my post. Keep reading and check it out. (OSWOA stands for Original Small Work Of Art, remember?)

In the first step, I did the obvious thing. I traced my drawing ;) Now, I don't think tracing is cheating in this case because I did actually draw the original myself. I just chose to draw it on tracing paper to save my good paper the stress of my mistakes. Keep in mind that it was really cloudy and snowing and raining when I took these pictures...they're a tad bit off.

Next, I decided on the colors. For this little lady, I received outside inspiration. I made a friendship bracelet for my extremely gifted niece. When she picked the colors, I thought she was nuts at first, until I started to braid and knot it together. The colors she picked absolutely matched and complimented eachother. Not bad for a 12 year old! So that's what I picked.
I like to leave a small margin around my drawings so I can check the colors before I start drawing 'for real', as you can see in this picture. Once I was sure that I had the right colors, I started on the fairies wings.

And you can read more about it in my next post...HA! Cliffhangered ya, didn't I?!

As always, go to and check out all of the great stuff there! And while your there...check out the sale I'm having for Mother's Day. Great deals on my drawings!!

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