Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Color of the Day Is...Coral

Coral...the lovely pinkish-orangeish-reddish color that just conjures up pictures of underwater reefs and beautiful tropical fish...that's going to have to be next on my list of things to draw. Some day I may even get to see one in person, but until then, let's go see what we can see!

If you go to susansheehan's shop, you will find these and other exquisite lampwork beads:

And this really cool recycled notebook can be found in subu's shop:

For those who love to knit...or just love looking at those as talented as iWunder is, you gotta check these out:

You can find a lot of journals and notebooks on Etsy, including this awesome notebook found in LadyGil's shop:

Tired of using the same old pincushion your Great Grandmother used? Then go to verybigjen's shop and get your own!

As for my newest creation...I haven't yet decided on a name for the drawing I'm using for this Work In Progress...or WIP from here on out. But after I picked the colors, I started adding color to the lifeless drawing on the obnoxiously blank paper.

I first laid down the Orange on the inner most parts of the wings...the little pointed ovals nearest her body. I then took Maroon and colored the outside of these little ovals, blending it with the orange. After that, to brighten it up and blend it more, I colored over that entire area with Red-Orange, making it stand out a bit more.
For the outer part of the wings, I used Pink nearest her body.

I did come across a problem with the second wing. Only part of it was visible, and just shy of outlining the whole drawing in black, I didn't want it to get lost back there, so I colored lightly in Magenta first, then Pink, so that it was darker than the closest wing. (you can see this in the above pictures)

I then took Magenta and colored in the next area of color, being careful not to cover the wing edges. I blended the Magenta into the Pink, and then went over both with Pink again to get a subtle fading of color from one to the next.

Then it was Blueberry I added to the outer edge of the wing, blending it into the Magenta much the same way that I blended the Magenta into the Pink. I then drew the wing section 'lines' with the Blueberry.

And that's when it happened...
The worst possible thing to happen to an artist as obsessive/compulsive (anal retentive) as I am...

...and I'll tell you all about it next time

(gotcha again)

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