Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Color of the Day Is...Red Violet

Huh? Red Violet? But of course! You remember old red-violet...the only crayon in the box that never quite seemed to have as much color to it as any of the other ones? Not quite red, yet not quite pink, this lovely shade has alot going for it. Come on...let's go check it out!

If you visit tealchic's shop, you'll find this really neat skinny scarf:

If you like jewelry, you'll want to check out chendric's store:

And take a look at this lovely wristlet from PhriendlyK8's shop:

Go immediately and check out this super set of earrings from capitolagirl's shop:

And when your done there, go to ChrisFred2008's shop and take a look at this gorgeous pet necklace:

I was going to have a contest, as I stated in an earlier post. Well, after reading up on the How-To's and Wherefores of having an online contest with all of it's rules, I have decided against it. I will instead have the drawing listed in my shop as a Pay It Forward, or some such thing, and I will post when I list it, so keep checking in.


capitolagirl said...

Thanks for including my earrings in your post today. That was a lovely, unexpected surprise!

Teal Chic said...

Thank you so much for including me!!! :) Everybody's items look fantastic!!!!!!!!! ♥