Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Color of the Day Is....Orange!

Hooray for Orange! Everybody loves orange. The leaves in the Fall...Orange popsicles...Orange juice...not to mention Oranges! Well, I love Orange too...and here are a few items from Etsy to show off today's color!

This is an adorable Cat Dog from amandajean's shop:

Check out this coooool mushroom and owl ACEO from gleepsie's shop:

Gotta love these coasters from BARL9758's shop:

Just look at this ADORABLE baby hat from LanaHandknitting's shop:

And don't pass by this elegant bracelet from ShyViolet's shop:

Now, I know I promised a new drawing lesson every time I posted a new color....but today I just can't. I'm right in the midst of an 'I want this done yesterday' order for 4 large and complicated friendship bracelets. I'll show them off when I'm finished. Until sure to visit and have fun shopping!! (I know I do! lol)

1 comment:

dianeclancy said...

Wonderful selection of oranges!! Don't worry about giving lessons every time!!

~ Diane Clancy