Friday, February 29, 2008

Welcome to The Art of Color!

Wow...How exciting! My very first Blog!

Now what?....Well, I decided to start this blog to promote a great site called Etsy. It really is a place to buy and sell all things hand made. There are currently over 100,000 shops there with wonderful items made by very talented artisans and crafters!

I'm going to make this a multi-tasking blog. 1st - I will promote certain Etsy shops based on the primary color of an item in their listings. 2nd - I will have basic lessons on the techniques I use in my drawings and paintings. Hopefully, I can get in here daily, but I can't promise it. So, while you are waiting for my first installment, check out the items I have in my own Etsy shop at I know you'll like them!


capecodconsignments said...

I saw your blog and your post on yahoo and I would be honored to be included on one of your color days..I don't care what color..whatever day you want would be fine with me..thanks for helping all of us..I am not very good on the computer and I just love how you all can do all this stuff and I really appreciate it..thank you so much for doing this. sandy

Andrea Kobayashi 小林アンドレア said...

This is a good looking blog. Well done, some great pieces great idea to choose by colour.