Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Color of the Day Is...Teal!!

Ahhh....finally, Spring has sprung here in central Iowa. It's 7:51 a.m. and the sun is shining, the grass is finally green and the songbirds have finally come out of hiding! My thermometer reads a glorious 70 degrees and all is well with the world!!

Teal...not a lot can be said of this tweener color. It's right 'tween blue and green, yet not quite turquoise...but it goes splendidly with pinks, purples, browns....almost any color out there, really. That's why I've chosen it for today...well, that, and it happens to be the colored pencil I picked out of the jar ;)

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marshatoh has used a beautiful combination of pink and teal in this gorgeous necklace:

This amazing painting is hanging in artkitten's shop just waiting for a home on your walls!

And while you're shopping, these earrings are a 'must have' for this spring from outofthepinksky's shop:

As I looked at the fairy drawing that I'm working on, I realized that my fairy's just a little bit on the bright side. It makes her look out of place amongst the dark purple of the flowers. So I decided to add a bit of sunshine to certain things in the drawing. I did this by first scraping most of the color off of the left edge of the flowers and the stems with my exacto blade. After this, I used Mango and Yellow Orange to give the flowers that look of first sunlight touching them. I then did the same with the leave that the fairy is resting on as she pulls open one of the blooms. I think it worked well. Tell me what you think by adding a comment to this post. (you have to be polite, but by all means, be HONEST about it)

I will be adding more flowers of the same variety in the background, smaller and different colors, and green as well. I'm really hoping I can pull this off...

See you next post everyone!

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marsha said...

WoW. Fab colour choice! I'm honoured to be amongst these great artists! Thanks for inclusion!

Art Kitten said...

Just noticed this from searching for my name. Thanks for the write up!