Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Color of the Day Is...Cream!

As my Grandpappy always used to say...I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream...yeah, I know...tis corny. I think everyone's grand parents came up with something like that to make us giggle as kids, or at least, I hope your's did. So, with such great things as Cream, Eric Clapton style, and Cream, Prince style (back when he still had a name...sort of), let's go find some great stuff!

If you go to zephi's shop, you'll find this great monotype print:


Here are a pair of awesome earrings from outofthepinksky's shop:


You just gotta go check out these vintage leather bags in WillowsWorld's shop, and be sure to check out her fantastic photography too!:


Need some wonderfully decorative coasters/tiles for the other room? Check out these from BARL9758's shop:


Here is some great Lavender Vanilla Salt Glow from Scentsationalsoaps' shop:

Photobucket sure to keep checking back with my blog. I've started a new drawing, and am going to be using this 'work in progress' to show some techniques and how to's. It should be entertaining for all, since I've never drawn a Faerie before. On top of this, I'll be opening a contest soon, the winner of which, will be the new owner of this drawing...boy, it had better turn out good! :)

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Dharma Designs said...

I love that you are spreading the Etsy love! Way to go! :-)