Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Color of the Day Is...Baggavond!

All right...every once in a while a girl just has to have some fun. Baggavond is a GREAT lady with a TERRIFIC shop on Etsy. She has awesome hats, handy bags and bead mats. What I think is so very unique about some of her hand bags is that she has incorporated a chalk board into the design...a real, working chalk board. How COOL is that??!!

So, just to surprise her color is all about Baggavond, an Etsy shop owner from Michigan who loves to have fun, and it shows in her creations. Make sure you go check her out! err...I mean check out her listings....

Here is a 'just tooo cute' chalk board bag with Spongebob Squarepants for a theme.

Now, I would wear this hat anywhere, especially to a Garden Party...

This cute little number would look smashing with just about any outfit this summer

Here's a traveler's bag with a story to tell. Careful now...we wouldn't want it to tell the wrong story... was love at first red but not quite...Okay, who has that song going in their heads now?...

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