Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Color of the Day Is....Light Blue!

Man, this whole blogging thingy is a lot harder than it looks! Sure, anyone can talk and talk...or should I say type and type...but to get in here everyday as I had hoped is turning out to be quite difficult! I'll get it all organized yet, though. Don't you worry! I did manage to snag an Etsy Treasury, showing off some of the many wonderful items made by my fellow Iowans. Check it out here for one more day:

Today's color is Light Blue! Why light blue, you ask? Why not just blue, or dark blue, or cobalt for that matter? Because I LIKE light blue...that's why :)

Here are some outstanding earrings from rgrdesign's shop:


Check out this necklace and earring set from cherryscreations' shop:


This lovely ocean scented bar of soap from tworiverssoaps' shop would make a terrific gift!


Not to mention this fine example of beadery from BeadedArt's shop:


And make sure to check out JANETLILY's shop for more elegant and beautiful jewelry:


And don't forget to check out my shop while you're visiting I gladly accept custom orders for colored pencil drawings. If it can be drawn....I can draw it!


Regina said...

Thanks for including my earrings with this beautiful blue themed post!

Anne El-Habre said...

Nice list of artist!

janetlily's jewllery said...

Thank you for useing my ring in your post!!